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Post  Mothim on Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:40 am

All right, here we go... Just gonna post my REALLY long list of EVeds, 'cause that's all that matters. Razz

Scyther, Sharpedo, Golem, Kingdra, Metagross*, Alakazam, Lanturn*, Salamence*, Feraligatr, Cloyster*, Registeel*, Gallade*, Gengar*, Mismagius*, Jumpluff, Suicune, Miltank*, Rampardos*, Magnezone*, E-Vire, Typhlosion*, Cresselia, Dusknoir*, Infernape, Vaporeon, Uxie*, Gardevoir*, Nidoking, Jolteon, Dragonite*, Ninjask, Regice, Umbreon, T-Tar, Blissey, Azelf*, Togekiss, Ambipom, Weavile, Rayquaza*, Shuckle*, Espeon, Breloom*, Wobbuffet, Hitmonchan, Quagsire*, Houndoom*, Walrein*, Rapidash*, Banette*, Meganium*, Aggron*, Xatu*, Arcanine*, Ludicolo*, Octillery*, Heracross*, Tentacruel*, Lucario*, Gorebyss*, Luxray*, Swampert*, Yanmega*, Palkia*, Gliscor*, Scizor*, Donphan*, Mothim*, Gyarados*, Clefable*, Hypno*, Aerodactyl*, Swellow*, Blaziken*, Mamoswine*, Sceptile*, Honchkrow*, Zangoose*, Empoleon*, Milotic*, Bellyzard*, Mawile*, Kyogre*, Latias*, Ninetales*, Flareon*, Absol*, Weezing*, Raikou*, Skarmory*, Starmie*, Porygon-Z*, Armaldo*, Butterfree, Tauros*, Beedrill*, Qwilfish, Torkoal*, Crawdaunt, Azumarill*, Grumpig, Kangaskhan, Crobat, Raichu*, Ursaring*, Glaceon*, Politoed*, Drifblim*, Dugtrio*, Fearow*, Slowking*, Swalot, Venusaur*, Magmortar, Slaking*, Electrode*, Entei, Celebi, Ho-oh, Hitmontop*, Bronzong*, Bastiodon*, Machamp*, Linoone, Stantler*, Persian, Blastoise*, Hitmonlee*, Hippowdon*, Altaria, Abomasnow*, Deoxys*, Lopunny, Exeggutor*, Cherrim*, Shiftry*, Forretress*, Pinsir, Ampharos*.

Well there we go. Those are all of my EVeds for offer. Obviously, * = shiny, but it doesn't end there. Some of the Pokes that are marked as shiny have non-shiny forms with different EV spreads/movesets/natures/etc., so there's some variety for you if you're looking for something in particular. So just send me a message asking me to give specifics on the certain Pokes you want, and I'll try my best to answer you asap. Laughing So have fun reading through this, and hopefully we can make deals soon! Oh, before I forget, I'm looking for a specific list of Pokes that I should post:

Grumpig*, Glalie+, Kangaskhan*, Marowak+, Victreebel+, Swalot*, Butterfree-, Beautifly+, Dustox+, Drapion+, Arbok+, Cradily+.     * = Shiny only, - = Non-shiny only, + = Both shiny and non-shiny

Those are the specifics, but I'm definitely one for negotiations. So if you have something beyond that list that you have that you would think I would enjoy, then we can definitely make arrangements. So send me PMs if you have what I'm looking for, and are interested in Pokes that I have! Very Happy Later!

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